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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • June 24, 2015

iPad Apps You Need Next Year

Anyone jumping back into the classroom with iPads next year? Exciting stuff. You might want to check out these apps this summer.

Got an app you love? Tell us what we missed in the comments or @Chalkupedu.

Kodable is a game that teaches elementary students the basics of coding. It’s an award winning game that gets bonus points for providing additional coding curriculum alongside their games. A nice way to get younger students prepped for the 21st century.

Bill Nye the Science Guy
Worth checking out if you’re running a science classroom. The apps throws some Disney promos at the user, but beyond that it has some nice real-world extensions, prompting students to grab household items to complete tasks and run quick science experiments. Plus, there’s an entire storyline devoted to an alien invasion. We’re in.  


Khan Academy
Khan Academy currently has over 150,000 (free) assessments on iPad and over 5,000 videos that support almost any lesson plan you have up your sleeve for next term. It’s high quality content for no cost. Worth perusing. Recommended for students prepping for big tests, like SATs or the GMAT. Also easy to grab an embed code for your Chalkup thread.

Their app description says it best. “Work everywhere and stay productive.” That’s what we’re all about. We dig the design, we like how much you get with the free version, and we’re into how easy it is to customize your workflow - ideal for busy teachers. Oh, and they have an app for the Apple Watch. Very cool.

Pop quiz time, people. But seriously - Socrative is a nifty way to run quick checks with your students via quizzes or class polls. Makes for some fun in-class experiences as students respond to questions in real time. Try test-driving with some fellow teachers this summer to find out if it’ll work with your students.

Explain Everything
A recommendation for instructors who dig whiteboard lessons. This app is neat because it screencasts/adds interactivity to static lessons. It also supports the import of lots of file types and is pretty good with embedding video. In short: it’s a fun, interactive app that integrates easily into a Chalkup discussion thread.


Go ahead. Jump on the bandwagon. It’s worth it. Here’s the deal with Minecraft: it’s a videogame that allows players to build worlds out of 3D cubes, prepping our future engineers and architects. Teachers have applied the program to different subjects, recreating historical landmarks cube by cube. It’s a savvy app. It’s uber engaging. And you’ll find lots of teachers in the twittersphere talking about interesting ways they’ve used it in their classroom.

If you’re using Chalkup, make sure you can take your assignments with you everywhere you go. We’re thrilled that our latest and greatest iOS app (coming soon! hang tight.) comes complete with a beautiful new interface that takes cues from the web version with nearly all of the same functionality. It’s a must-download for keeping your class connected.


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