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The Chalkup Glossary: Key Terms to Know

Jayne Miller wrote this on May 29, 2015

We want to ensure that we’re singing from the same songbook when we talk about how to find your way around Chalkup. That’s why we made this handy list of key terms.

You’ll know the difference between your overview tab and your look ahead in no time.


Your overview tab provides all the big picture stuff. It’s what you’ll see when you first log into Chalkup, including links to your dashboard, look ahead, and calendar.

Chalkup Overview

Think of if as your Chalkup homepage. To go back to your overview at any time, click the handy little icon in the top left of your screen above your course icons.


Your dashboard is the central hub for everything that’s going on in your school life. The feed updates with the latest and greatest content from your courses.

It also includes a discussion starter at the top, allowing you to start chatting with any of your classes.

Look Ahead

The look ahead is accessible under the dashboard within your overview. This is where Chalkup will take all of the assignments and to-dos you have in the system and show you what’s on the horizon and approximately how long it will take to complete.


For students who haven’t turned in assignments, the look ahead will keep you in check, flagging work that’s overdue. Tasks can be checked off as they’re completed, and new tasks can be added in the top right of the look ahead.


The course calendar we discuss is also within the overview and is located under the look ahead in the left-hand navigation. Super straightforward. This is a calendar of everything you have going on in Chalkup, color-coded by course.

Clicking on one of your upcoming assignments will slide out a preview of that assignment and give you all the details.

Course Page

When we talk about a course page, we’re referring to the content housed within the course icons located on the far left of your screen. These icons represent all the courses you are teaching or are enrolled in within Chalkup.

Chalkup Course Page

Clicking one will open a log of all recent activity within that course, as well as options for messaging the class, accessing shared resources, starting a discussion, and reviewing a list of classmates.

Recent Tab

Think of the recent tab within each course page as the overview tab specific to that course. Here we house all recent activity and upcoming assignments.

We’ll also find trending discussions here, which are conversations with new activity or upvotes.


When you hear “deck,” we’re probably talking about our flashcard decks. These live underneath your course icons on the far left of your screen.


On Chalkup, we refer to conversation threads throughout the site as discussions. They can pop up on an assignment or a submission, but most of the discussions you have will take place within our dedicated discussion space.



The discussion space is accessible within your overview tab or the discussions tab within each class page.

Discussion Categories

When you make a discussion, you’ll have several ways to categorize it. This is just a simple way to signal to your classmates what kind of content is included or what kind of conversation is being started.

Does someone need help with an assignment or is someone sharing a cool article on a related topic?

A text-based discussion is the base discussion type. Standard prompts that get people chatting are generally text discussions.

Links and images can be added anywhere in the thread, which is true of all Chalkup discussion.

Questions signal that someone has, well, a question. This might be related to an assignment, an ask to borrow notes, or a thought-provoking query that came to someone after class.

This category comes with “author’s choice” and “instructor’s choice” labels. If someone satisfies a user’s question, the original poster can select that response as “author’s choice” to signal that the question is resolved. Similarly, an instructor can step in and select a response that he or she feels best answers a question, if one exists.

Sharing cool content from around the web? Mark it as a link.

Media includes anything you’re embedding or uploading. This includes a Quizlet set or an EduCanon embed. Maybe even a student’s final movie project.

Polls allow you to set up a question and response. We’ll track responses in real time and leave space for a conversation to continue based on the poll results. Pretty cool.

Oh, you know. Just a category for exchanging fun, relevant, or inspirational quotes with your class. Ideal for your next history project.

Think of collaborative discussions as your project center. This is a place where you can use our inline file editor to comment, highlight, and draw on documents. Ideal for group projects or peer editing.


Notifications are happy little heads-ups that something new is going on. They live on the far, bottom left of your screen beneath the messages icon. This window contains a running list of every Chalkup notification you’ve recieved, from new work announcements to getting a final grade on something.

Initially, these notifications will show up on the top right of your Chalkup screen. They’ll also be sent to you through any other method you’ve set up within your notification preferences. They can come to you via email or text - whatever you prefer.

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