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Your Learning Management System Matters. So Don’t Overlook Your Adoption Rate.

Eli Jameson wrote this on Mar 7, 2016


Allow us to get on our soapbox, will you?

If your school is using a learning management system - or is looking for a new one - we need to discuss getting the highest adoption rate possible. (This means more classrooms actually use an edtech tool and it doesn’t sit there, collecting dust as you make annual payments.)

It just has to be part of the conversation.

Over the last year we’ve gotten unique insight from schools that are fighting their adoption rate. They went all in on a product, took a risk, and it unfortunately didn’t catch on. Classrooms engineered their own solutions - opting for different, free/low-cost platforms. Now, students must jump to a different platform for each class. Or, in a few courses, they must slog through the selected school-wide platform that doesn’t meet their needs.

This drives us crazy.

Developing a happy, healthy adoption rate is a core part of our onboarding process with schools who are new to Chalkup Pro. Pro is the very cool enterprise version of our free platform. It may or may not be the right fit for your school, but a high LMS adoption rate is for everybody.

Here are three ways we help our users ensure that the platform they are paying for is actually used.

Student Information System Syncing

This is the red tape item. When things take extra steps - like forcing teachers to set up their own courses/enrollments - you will lose people along the way.

Setting up your learning management system with your student information system is a barrier to adoption. We set up enrollments for our Pro customers and it’s been really, really helpful to getting more classes up and running faster. We 100% recommend asking about that process as you vet potential learning management systems.  

Tell Your LMS Provider When Something Isn’t Working

We’ve used two big things to support our Pro customers: 24/7 online support and regular check-ins to hear from real Pro-using classrooms.

These approaches have worked for us because educators are able to connect with the Chalkup support team on any page of our platform at any time. They don’t need to go through their tech administrator or anything like that. This has proven empowering for classrooms and it makes us better able to jump in and help when something’s not working.

Second, regular check-ins between our Chalkup reps and our customers makes us - the LMS provider - better able to offer solutions when educators are incorporating our software into their course. It’s also the #1 most useful thing for us as far as product design goes. Chalkup gets better and better because people using it tell us what would make it better.

The takeaway here? Tell your LMS provider when something isn’t working before you abandon it. You might have options/workarounds you never knew about. Keep those lines of communication open - and if you find your LMS provider isn’t giving you the solutions you need and want - keep that in mind when it comes time to renew that annual contract.

Find the Company Who Shares Your Vision

Big picture: different systems have different visions of learning and where learning is going.

In your LMS selection process, start with the big picture. What does digital learning look like to you? How does it feel? What do you value?

When you build consensus on these points, it’s easier to develop questions for companies that will lead to a true match.

As for us here at Chalkup, we value connection and collaboration. Building a tool that gets and keeps classes talking is important to us and folds into our larger vision of learning. We put a lot of emphasis on ease of use and ensuring that all courses in Chalkup look beautiful. (Educators shouldn’t need a degree in instructional design to create something awesome in our platform. That’s our little digital equity plug of the day.)

Do all schools prioritize these items in their vision? No. And that’s okay. But when we sync up with schools who do, we see higher adoption rates and happier customers because those schools matched their vision to our product. It’s a beautiful thing.




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