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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • March 1, 2015

Using Images on Flashcards for Fast, Effective Learning

This one is for all the visual learners out there. Index cards and highlighters have underserved you.

Flashcards: we can do better!

Flashcards continually rate as one of the simplest and most effective study methods. Among other reasons, they lend themselves to spaced repetition of knowledge -- students are able to boost retention of material by steadily increasing the interval of time between review of their flashcard deck. 

We think it’s time to take flashcards to the next level by making it easier for visual learners to leverage what they do best: understand new information by seeing it in action.

See!? Pictures can add a lot to your flashcards

Combining pictures and print has been known to maximize learning, so at Chalkup we made our study decks picture-friendly. Optimizing these flashcard sets for use with images does more than just engage active recall when it’s time to study; it offers visual learners an alternative way to memorize. (A way that really, really helps them memorize, too.)

To start adding images to your flashcards, head over to your flashcard page in Chalkup and create a new deck or edit an existing one. Any card is ready for images, links, or text.


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