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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • October 7, 2015

Say It Out Loud: Leaving Your Students Media Feedback


Ready for today’s #ChalkupTip? We’re going to show you how to leave media feedback for your students.


This means next time you’d like to record your comments following last night’s homework, you can simply attach an audio file recorded through QuickTime - or something of the like - to your comment as you would any other document. Your student can listen to the file and apply your thoughts to the next assignment. (Awesome idea for teaching new languages, right?)

grading-feedback-audio-comments.pngWhile using our MarkUp Annotator you may comment in the “Feedback” section on the right-hand side of your window. You’ll notice when you click in the comment window, our standard formatting tools appear, as well as options to upload a file from your computer or Google Drive.

Record your feedback however is easiest for you and drag and drop or upload to your comment with a click. Your student will get your recording and keep at it.


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