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Justin Chando By Justin Chando • August 22, 2016

Meet the all-new Chalkup

The new Chalkup interface

We are so excited to announce a completely redesigned Chalkup for the new school year.

In redesigning Chalkup we took careful consideration into how we could make everything even simpler, cleaner, and easier to get started; we also used lots of great feedback we’ve received our users. 

A simple, clear experience.

Now, when you start using Chalkup, it’s even more simple. Advanced features unfold gradually, only when you need them.

It’s clearer where to start and how to find the information you want. The new side navigation highlights the features you need to stay on top of your school day (Recent Activity), see the latest list of tasks you need to complete (Look Ahead), and stay on top of the big picture as to where things stand (Calendar). The blue ‘Create New’ plus button on the left is a fast way to let you add assignments, discussions, and materials from anywhere in the product.



Organize your classes – A fun way to personalize your sidebar. Reorder your courses by dragging and dropping. Maybe order them in the same order as they happen during the day? Order by priority? You decide!



What's on your plate next? Just 'Look Ahead'.

For students, the Look Ahead is an all-star favorite for tracking the work that needs to get done. Of course like always – the exact workload is even tracked in hours for the week or day so students can make sure they manage their time. 



A New Look for Courses.

When you go into a course, you’ll see cleaner, more skimmable design improvements. The improved course navigation gives you access to everything you need to drive your class to success: a discussion board full of course conversations, a schedule of upcoming and previous assignments, a materials library with all your files, Google Docs, links, and videos neatly organized into folders, your robust gradebook, and all of your classmates.

There’s a clear, consistent information hierarchy throughout, so you can quickly scan a page for just the important stuff, and create new items for your class with clarity. We think you'll love how neatly organized everything is now.


Sorting Assignments

Now assignments are sorted so you can see what’s coming up, or look back to all your previously completed assignments. This should help organize things as you get later into the year when assignments really start to pile up. 


New Discussions The new update also features a clean new discussion experience.


New Grading Experience

For teachers, at a glance you can see exactly how many assignments you have left to grade, in the new Assignments tab.

In the Students tab, see your students averages - color coded for a quick glance of who’s doing well, and who might need your attention.

And in the Grid tab - see a table of all your students broken down by assignment.



Updated Chat/Messages

Forget to tell your class something, or just need to clarify? Send messages to students from any device. Personalize communication and send to small groups or individuals. Chalkup messages also received a fresh new update.


We couldn't be more excited and we really hope you love all the new updates. The team worked so hard and we can't wait to see how you use the new tools in your classes this year.   

Sign up today to give the new Chalkup a try, and let us know what you think! Chalkup is completely free for teachers.