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Meet the 2016 Chalkup Dev Squad

Chalkup Staff wrote this on Jan 14, 2016

This fall we began the search for computer science students who were hungry to apply their coding skills in a real-world setting. Fast-forward to 2016, and we’ve got a new team of bright, talented student coders helping us engineer the next great Chalkup feature.

Let’s introduce you to the 2016 Chalkup Dev Squad.


Martin ParkMartin.png

Martin is a current student at New York University majoring in computer science. He’s all about learning new things and developing new programs with code. Martin is a believer in using technology to improve learning, which is exactly what he’ll be thinking about as a member of the Dev Squad.

Fun fact: Martin took third place in Sony Music Entertainment’s Rock & Code Contest with his a foreign music streaming web app called “Xplora.”

Wilson WongWilson.png

Wilson is a senior studying computer science in the College of Arts and Sciences at New York University. He enjoys web design and coding in Javascript, Java, and Python. At NYU, he’s served as College Cohort President of the College of Arts and Sciences College Cohort Program. He’s also served as an assistant teacher with the America Reads/America Counts program in New York.

Outside of school, Wilson likes to exercise, dance, and play video games. After graduation, he hopes to pursue a future in web development, as well as creating and building applications of his own.

Annie ZhangAnnie.png

Annie is a junior at Columbia University studying computer science. She believes in coding for a cause and is passionate about using tech to improve education.

You can absolutely see this on Annie’s résumé. She’s packed her schedule at Columbia University with activities that combine her coding prowess with community service, including an initiative to alleviate student hunger. She’s also served as a teaching assistant with the fantastic Girls Who Code organization.

Join the team.


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