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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • June 29, 2016

One Huge Misconception About Learning Management Systems

We heard a nasty rumor the other day. We heard someone say that a learning management system was a tool for homework submission. And only homework submission.


After we recovered, we decided it was time to dispel this major misconception about the modern learning management system.

Let's talk about 'Managing Learning'.

Despite its fair name, the learning management system is not a tool for managing learning - or at least it shouldn’t be. While there are core functions that define any system - homework collection among them - at its heart, the LMS is a tool that should allow an educator to do something they couldn’t do without classroom technology.

This includes:

  • Continuing discussions after class digitally

  • Giving students tools to track their progress and monitor how much work they have

  • Creating a space for resource/media/link-sharing

  • Boosting the efficiency of grading via a rubric workflow or similar system for meaningful feedback on student work

  • Communicating with students, colleagues, and parents in a way that is efficient and personalized

We’re sad to hear that anyone is using an LMS as a purely one-way form of conversation that’s centered around homework submission. Not only is it not an innovative use of the technology, but it’s arguably something you don’t need tech for in the first place.   


If you're interested - we created a whole ebook on what to prioritize in choosing a new LMS for your school. Check it out!

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