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The Money That Makes EdTech Go Round

Jayne Miller wrote this on Apr 22, 2016


Our weekly edtech reads start off with another fantastic, in-depth report from the folks at EdSurge. This time around it's all about the dollars and cents behind the K-12 edtech industry. This feature comes as the second installment in EdSurge's year-long quest to capture the current state of edtech.

I think I need to go back to this piece a few more times to fully explore and appreciate all of the information that has been crammed into one interactive report. It's a wealth of information about which edtech products are getting investors, how, how much, what the path to profitability looks like, and how this process ultimately impacts the users on the other side.

If you're not in a money mood, there's an interesting read from NPR on the future of notetaking. It's a laptop vs. pencil and paper showdown. Also enjoyed Mindshift's piece on student-designed lessons, as well as the fantastic little story in the Huffington Post about the creation of Chalkup!

May your weekend be filled with interesting edtech stories like these.

How Does Money Shape the US K-12 EdTech Ecosystem? | EdSurge

Are ed tech financiers beginning to listen to teachers? | The Hechinger Report

Attention, Students: Put Your Laptops Away | NPR Ed

Dissatisfaction That Launched a Company | Huffington Post Business

What Teachers Can Gain When Students Design the Lessons | Mindshift

YouTube rolls out support for 360-degree live streams and spatial audio | TechCrunch

Tech helps to teach Malawi's children | BBC Click

Amazon in Line to Sell E-Books to New York City’s Schools | Wall Street Journal

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