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Here's What's Happening at the National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference

Jayne Miller wrote this on Feb 25, 2016

Hello from the National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference! Chalkup is thrilled to be living at booth 141 this week.

We'll be using our blog to share tweets, ideas, photos, quotes, and video straight from NAIS. So if you couldn't make it to San Fran this year, no worries, we've got you covered.


"Proximity will change you." - Bryan Stevenson


"Average looks the same. Excellence looks weirdly different." - Marcus Buckingham

"A challenge is merely an opportunity. Depends on how you look at it." - Donna Orem

Almost time for Randi Zuckerberg!

Chalkup booth is lookin' fly. (141!!!)


The good stuff is just getting started. We can feel it.



Setting up! Checking in! Checking out San Fran!

Let's get social.

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