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New Feature: Links and Videos in Your Materials Library

Jayne Miller wrote this on Feb 10, 2016


Ask and you shall receive.

In a recent poll taken by the fine subscribers to the Chalkup newsletter, we learned that our users wanted to see more options for resources within the materials library. Specifically, subscribers wanted options for adding links and media.

We love it. Done.

Users can officially add urls and videos as resources that live within the materials library space. 

To share materials with your entire class, navigate to one of your courses using the sidebar. Select “Materials” in the navigation paneDrag-and-drop files from your computer here or choose a file from your Google Drive account. 

Now you'll also be able to select our new video or link options.



The link option will ask you to attach a url. We'll convert it into a resource that lives in your library. 



The final result will look a little something like this. You’ll get a sweet preview within Chalkup, complete with a prompt to comment or go straight to the website. Good times.



We also have greater ability to add/embed videos. The video button will accept a url or an embed code to any media you’d like to include in an assignment or house within your materials library.

Chalkup automatically embeds video from 200+ video providers. Thumbs up all around.


Dearest users, we hope this new functionality is everything you wanted and more. We're ready and eager to make our tools even better - so if you have an idea for how we can do that - drop us a note here.


Click to download.

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