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Drop Everything and Check Out This Report on Adaptive Learning

Jayne Miller wrote this on Feb 5, 2016


The edtech gods were kind this week. Let's start with the new report on adaptive learning from the folks at EdSurge. This was a phenomenal read on what adaptive technology actually does and who it serves. I'll give you preview with a line from researcher Kelly Blair: "Part of the problem stems from a semantic black box, filled with terms like 'algorithms' and 'predictive analytics' that offer only a vague explanation of how adaptive learning tools work."

If you don't have time to read the full report, at least peruse the website. It's gorgeous. Link is below.

The first week of February also brought us stories on President Obama's commitment to computer science funding, as well as a Hechinger Report piece on how low income families are accessing the internet.

This week's edtech stories were, as they say, on fleek. Get to it.

Speical Report: What’s Happening Inside the Adaptive Learning Black Box? | EdSurge

Obama’s Budget Urges a Deeper Commitment to Computer Education | New York Times

Obama Wants More Girls And Kids Of Color To Learn Computer Science | Huffington Post

Many low-income families get on the Internet with smartphones or tablets. That matters. Here’s why. | The Hechinger Report

Matching Edtech Products With Neurological Learning Goals | Edutopia

MIT Dean Takes Leave to Start New University Without Lectures or Classrooms | Chronicle of Higher Education

8 Ways Sharing Is Essential For Educators | The @DavidGeurin Blog

Can Technology Help Community Schools Go To Scale? | Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Collaborative classrooms mark wave of the future in higher ed | Education Drive


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