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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • September 16, 2015

How to Build a Digital Flashcard Deck


Hey, Chalkup students. Wanted to hit you with a quick #ChalkupTip while we’re early in the semester. Don’t forget about our custom flashcard sets that you can build and study with before your first exam.

If you haven’t played around with this feature yet, here’s a quick crash course.

To create a custom flashcard set, head to your left-hand sidebar and click on the
“Flashcards” button. This is where all of your flashcard decks will live.

Flashcards Button

You can study with something you’ve already created or head to the “new deck” button on the top right-hand side of your screen. You’ll then be prompted to give the set a quick name and description.

New Flashcard Deck

Once your deck has been created, you’ll see boxes labeled “Term” and “Definition.” Just think of this as side “A” and “B” of your flashcard. You can fill ‘em up with whatever information you need to master. (And for something snazzier, know that you can add images and links on either side.)

Flashcard Editing

When you’re all done, click “Done Editing” in the top right-hand of your screen. You can begin using your flashcards by clicking the “Study Deck” button that will then appear in the top right-hand of your screen, replacing the “Done Editing” button.

Study Flashcard Deck Button

Clicking on a card will reveal the other side. You may use the arrows on your keyboard or below the flashcards to click through the deck. Happy studying.


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