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Holding Online Office Hours

Jayne Miller wrote this on Aug 28, 2015

Here’s an idea for a 21st century take on office hours: hold them online.

We were interested to learn from Chalkup teachers that some were using our platform to field student questions before exams -- or take on general coursework queries -- by setting aside weekly hours during which they would be available on our messenger tool.

Chalkup messaging allows an instructor to connect with the entire class, a select group of students, or an individual via our slick chat feature. All conversations are archived and take place next to your coursework within the Chalkup platform.

Instructors who set online offices hours were able to field queries via this chat feature without leaving home.

This setup proved ideal for instructors working further from their homes, those faced with lots of snow days, and those who knew students would be working and developing assignment questions long after the school day had ended. Major win.

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