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Your Chalkup Questions Answered

Chalkup Staff wrote this on Apr 28, 2015

Connecting, collaborating, and organizing your school life should be ridiculously easy. At least it’s our goal to ensure that’s the case with Chalkup.

That’s why we want everyone to know about these three easy ways to find answers to your class collaboration questions and learn more about being a Chalkup superuser.

Chalkup Support Center

We’ve got your back. For the ins and outs of getting started with Chalkup, pop over to our support center. All your Chalkup basics are covered, from starting classes and finding your school, to building rubrics and integrating Google Drive.



You’ll also find tutorials on features you might not have explored yet, like adding materials, making flashcards, or conducting a class poll.

That Magical Little Support Button

But, alas, what if the support center doesn’t cover your specific question? Time to take it to the next level. On every page of Chalkup you’ll notice a little support button in the bottom left corner. This is your direct line to us, and we’re ready to help. Submit your query and our support team will be in touch shortly with a quick answer or potential solution to whatever you’re hoping to do. This system has also provided us with some fantastic user feedback. So don’t be shy.  


(And not to brag or anything, but we have a stellar satisfaction rating with our support requests. So. You know. We're feeling pretty good about the support button.)

Your Personal Resource Library

When it comes to big ideas - implementation of paperless systems, keeping your school connected, building winning online discussions - we have a resources page for that. Bonus points: all of our resources are free. Pick what topics you’re interested in, download, and have a copy sent right to your inbox.

And keep an eye out - lots more coming to our resources page in the coming weeks.



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