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New Resource for Educators Who Are Learning (and/or Loving) Social Media

Jayne Miller wrote this on Feb 8, 2016


What’s up you tweeting, liking, sharing, and upvoting educators?

We’ve always been quite vocal about our love of edu communities on social media. Not only have we learned immensely from these groups, but we’ve found new friends, followers, users, and mentors along the way.

We’ve written a few pieces about strategies for finding good edtech info via social. Recently we took a fresh look at these posts, updated, added, edited, put-our-game-down-flipped-it and reversed it.

In other words: we have a new resource on using social media as an educator. It’s pretty. It’s informative. It reflects strategies we’ve had a lot of success with as learners and lovers of education.

Click below and dig in.
Let's get social.

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