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Why are Rubrics so great anyway?

Silvio DeCristofano wrote this on Aug 13, 2014


Teachers are using rubrics now more than ever before.  Teachers love them, but so do their students.  Students particularly love rubrics because it adds transparency to the grading process.  Students feel that so much of grading is subjective, especially with the increase of project-based learning.  The rubric creates clear grading standards for all projects, writing assignments, labs, or any class assignment.  With rubrics, students are made aware of exactly what each assignment requires and how to be successful in a course. When grading, teachers have already set clear-cut expectations and grade student projects accordingly.  Teachers have created rubrics for their specific projects and have shared them with one another using multiple web sites and educational sources. 


Chalkup is a social learning platform that is free for teachers and students to use.  Teachers are able to communicate with their students and most importantly, students are able to communicate with teachers and with each other.  Teachers are able to share documents, assign projects and assignments, grade assignments and comment on assignments.  Students also have opportunities to start and respond to discussions, create and share flashcards, and organize all of their assignments in all of their classes.  I used Chalkup in all of my classes and clubs last year and this year my district became a Chalkup Pro User.


Why are Rubrics so great?  How aren’t they great?

As a teacher for over twenty years, one of the more difficult things to explain to students or anyone for that matter is what makes a 93 essay/project versus an 88?  Any teacher with experience, will say well, there is just a difference, this project is stronger than this one because x, y, or z, but again, its difficult to explain to a student, a parent, or any non-teacher.  Enter the rubric…..and boy does that clear things up…



What’s so cool about Rubrics on Chalkup?


What’s great is that Chalkup allows teachers the opportunity to tailor-make rubrics for their assignments, share those rubrics with fellow teachers, copy and tailor already existing rubrics that other teachers have created, and more.  The greatest feature of Chalkup rubrics is that teachers are able to weight elements of the project and actually grade the student’s assignments by clicking on the standarad. The teacher has the ability to set total point values out of 100, 50, or any point value and the Chalkup Rubric calculator converts it to a % grade that gets added right to the gradebook.  Teachers also have the ability to comment on each category to explain the reasons for the score and return it with comments to the student.

What’s even better?

Rubrics on Chalkup. Now Chalkup has become even more of a one-stop shopping location for teachers and students.  Finding, creating, and sharing rubrics have never been easier.  Even better than this…grading using the rubric, explaining the grade, commenting on a project, and returning the grade with comments to the students has never been easier.


As the summer wanes and school approaches, many teachers dread the approaching school year.  Some are excited.  As a veteran teacher, the end of summer is always a bit sad.  One good reason to get excited about going back is using Chalkup in your classes and using Chalkup rubrics!


Silvio DeCristofano has a Masters in Education Learning Technologies and is a Teacher of 22 years, currently teaching at an Apple Distinguished School in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.


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