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Secrets to Grading on the Go

Jayne Miller wrote this on Jul 13, 2015

No longer must you be tethered to a desk to grade work and offer quality feedback. We collected four ideas that will allow instructors to stay on top of assignments from wherever they are.


Finding ways to digitize traditionally paper-based grading processes is the first and biggest way you can allow yourself some flexibility to grade on the go.

When assignments are stored and submitted in the cloud, it’s possible to review submissions and field student questions during your commute, from within a waiting room, or from your couch. (Wherever you have an internet connection - dealer’s choice.)

Investigate a platform that works well with you preferred device and practice checking in on assignments any time you’re tempted to pick up your device and scroll during downtime. Creating a habit like this will result in mucho time saved down the road.


We’ve had good experiences with rubrics for building both efficient grading processes and providing substantial feedback. They also travel well. (And bonus points if you’re grading with Chalkup. You can create a library of rubrics to grade with again and again, assigning point values with a few clicks.)


We have plenty of time management tools for students. The good news is that teachers can also take advantage of these tools as assignments and exams pile up.

If setting notifications will help you better manage your workload - or help you get in the habit of looking at assignments when you have a few spare moments - we can do that.

The cool thing about Chalkup is that the same look ahead students have for homework, teachers have for upcoming assignments. It’s just one more way to visualize what work students have and what’s on its way back to you.

You might not need to grade on the go, but it'll be good to have a quick rundown of what's on your plate available from your phone.

There’s an App for That

And just in time for the new school year, we’re thrilled to have our new Chalkup apps in the works. (They’ll be here before you know it.) Coming soon to a smartphone or iPad near you, teachers will find slicker options for grading and using rubrics - a system allowing for robust, substantive feedback with only a few taps.

We can’t wait for you to download and start grading on the go.

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