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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • May 4, 2015

Using Notifications to Stay Uber Organized

A huge benefit of using a system like Chalkup is that you’re always connected to your class. When inspiration strikes - or if you develop a question about your work - it’s easy to reach out for feedback or help.

But knowing how to fine-tune your notifications will help you really work the system.

See, staying connected with Chalkup means staying connected on your terms. Our notification set-up will allow any user to customize how they get updates. This means you can select what messages merit a text message, or perhaps which ones you’d prefer to see via email.

To customize your Chalkup experience, start by navigating to “notification settings” in the bottom left of your Chalkup interface. (Just click on your picture.)

Notification Settings Location in Chalkup

Once here, you’ll be prompted to select your preference for every type of notification in the system. You’ll be able to match the notifications of highest importance to you with the mechanism(s) most likely to get your attention.

Notification Settings in Chalkup

Likewise, you can adjust the notifications that bear less weight on your school life with the delivery mechanisms that are easier to scan at your leisure. (Yup. We can make sure your phone isn’t buzzing for every reply on your discussion thread.)

Now just remember to hit save. And you’re golden.

Keep your school on the same page.