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Beautiful, Shareable, and Engaging Resources for Art & Music Teachers

Jayne Miller wrote this on Nov 18, 2015



You know what makes our day? Seeing active discussion threads and assignments created by art and music teachers using Chalkup. These subjects lend themselves to beautiful visuals, shareable media, and engaging content.

With the help of art and music educators using our platform, we collected some suggested sites for finding lots of this shareable, engaging content. We also discovered that many of these sites house lesson plans and activities, as well. B-e-a-utiful.

Art Babble - This site is home to a vault of video content featuring artists, interviews, lectures, and examples of different periods, styles, and mediums. It’s fantastically embeddable and easy to search by artist, region, or theme.

MusicTheory.Net - This is a music theory resource that is 100% free and supported by an iOS app. Lots of embeddable content. Lots of activites for in-depth music study. Basic lessons are available, but this tool is awesome for classrooms that are taking a deeper dive into music theory.

The SmART Teacher - For those interested in forums for exchanging ideas with other teachers, The SmART Teacher functions as a social platform for art educators to connect and share. To fully participate, users must create a profile. Once you’re in, you’ll be able to take part in resource exchanges and discussions with other educators.

The Museum of Online Museums - As the name implies, it is indeed an online museum. Or rather, it’s a hub of curated content from digital collections across the web, housing exhibitions from The Met, Smithsonian, The Van Gogh Gallery, and more.

Carnegie Hall’s Music Teacher Toolbox - Here we have a completely free set of online music resources for teachers, including activities, videos, and assessment ideas. The best part about this toolbox is the high-quality videos and the ability to browse by grade level.

The Google Cultural Institute - Of course Google has something very cool and very arty up it’s sleeve for educators. This awesome, beautiful tool allows a user to search and discover artworks, share, compare (amazing for students), and save selected pieces. My personal favorite is the gallery feature, which allows users to curate their own selection of artwork.



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