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By Chalkup Staff • March 22, 2016

Six Virtual Reality Apps You Can Use With Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is so cool. Fold some cardboard up and you’ve got a virtual reality (VR) tool ready to roll. Lots of Google Cardboard-compatible apps are cropping up, many of which make awesome classroom tools. Here are the ones we think are worth downloading and testing with your students.


Cardboard is a virtual reality tool that is made of - you guessed it - cardboard.


Get started with the basic Cardboad app. It will help you collect other VR tools and recommend apps that might be a fit for your classroom. This app doesn’t have a ton of content to dive into, but there are a few demos to play around with, the best of which comes from Google Earth.


YouTube recently added VR support and now houses a 360° video channel for the most popular VR films. Allow me to recommend the space playlist.


NYT Google Cardboard

Vrse is dedicated to immersing users in stories. Very real, very beautiful stories. Vrse collaborated with The New York Times for a handful of pieces, including a 360° walking tour of New York City and a touching 3D story that follows refugees driven from their homes by war. A fantastic download for high school civics/social studies students.


Not to be outdone, you can jump to The New York Times’ VR page, which houses a few of these pieces, as well as some additional content from the campaign trail and beyond (all in 3D). And yes, they have an app.

Google Street View

Google Street View is a swell pairing with Cardboard. Explore the sites found in Street View in 360° photospheres. Very straightforward. Total digital tourism.

Discovery VR

Discovery is pretty much making content for classrooms. You’ll find activities for all ages here. Beyond clips that explore new places or simulate the adrenaline rush of sitting in the front seat of a rollercoaster or charging head-first down an icy track on a skeleton sled, Discovery takes advantage of their Mythbusters content. The app has a handful of VR pieces that take users along for the myth-busting ride, including an underwater shark experiment with Adam and Jamie.

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