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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • February 2, 2016

Small Changes That Will Drastically Improve Your School Life


Tiny actions, changes in attitude, or adjustments to your daily routine can make big waves in your school life. Here are 12 teeny-tiny little things that will do just that. 

You’re Good Enough, You’re Smart Enough, and Gosh-Darnit People Like You

Stuart Smalley was onto something. Start each day with a few quick affirmations. It can be about how great you are with your students. How well you’re going to do on a test. Or perhaps a quick reminder that you’re good at your job and you make a difference.

A Mindful Commute


We spend a good portion of our day traveling. And commutes can be straight-up terrible - trains, buses, cars, and coffee sloshed on a pant leg before even getting to school.

Approach your commute differently.

This is your wind up and wind down time. This is time to set your intention for the day and reflect on how you did after the fact. This is when you blast your music and think about goals for the school year and how you’re going to get there. Rethink your commute as your time to be mindful and reflective.

Ask More Questions, Listen a Bit Longer

How will you know if you don’t ask? How will you understand if you don’t listen? Make it a goal to ask and listen a little bit more at school.

Pick Your Battles

You don’t need to win every argument. It’s really okay.

Pack a Brilliant Lunch

Lunch is often an oasis amid the crazy of the day. Make it special, healthful, and beautiful. This includes investing in a snazzy lunch container or packing something too delish to have a bad day.

Always Bring an Extra Pen/Pencil

Never hurts. Always helps.

Understand That Your Time is Precious


Students are learning critical time management skills in school. Teachers and administrators are striving to attain their own healthy work-life balance. So let’s all agree that our time is special.

We’re not going to waste one another’s time. We’re not going to waste our own time. We’re going to respect the hours we have together at school, make the most of them, and make smart time management choices so we can enjoy life outside of school when we’re done with everything on our plate.

Know That Gossip is Lame

Stories about students, colleagues, peers, or bosses - are they necessary? What do they accomplish?

Make an Agenda

Whether it’s a study group pow wow or a staff meeting, always have an agenda prepared. Always.

Fail Hard

When it’s not such a great day at school it’s easy to believe that you failed. Failed a test. Failed a student. Failed a teacher. Failed a colleague.

Nope. Reject that notion. Mistakes and setbacks happen. Recalibrate yourself to think of failure as a core part of learning.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Who cares if your colleague or peer put in all that time over the weekend? That doesn’t make them better than you. Dedicate yourself to worker smarter, using technology to stay focused and efficient and managing your time better than the other guys.

While you’re at it - who cares how much time your colleague or classmate put in? This is about you and your success. Not theirs.

Be Thankful


Find one thing in each day to be thankful for. It could be a learning moment, a great interaction with a student/colleague, or a win with your edtech. A little appreciation goes a long way.


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