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Standout Edu Podcast Episodes That'll Have You Hooked

Jayne Miller wrote this on Jul 15, 2015

We recently wrote about fantastic edu podcasts that are worth checking out. Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to dive into NerdyCast, EduTalk, Techlandia Radio and the other programs we featured.

If you’re still looking for a starting point to get into the podcast game, we selected recent episodes of the podcasts we’ve been into. 
These episodes are great examples of what each podcast is all about and/or include standout stories that will get you hooked.

And there’s more where all of this came from. Be sure to check out the #PodcastPD Twitter chats Sunday at 8:30 pm EST. Lots of good finds for listeners and learners.

Techlandia’s Booklandia
We’ve written about how much we like the Techlandia podcast previously. Really fun and lots of resources shared in every episode.

If you’re looking for a gateway soundbite, let us recommend Techlandia’s most recent Booklandia episode, in which Colby Sharp chats with listeners about three book suggestions for students who are ready for novels.

This bit will really give you a feel for the flavor of Techlandia. It’s an enjoyable listen and you’ll walk away with some new resources.

Adam Jones Education Podcast: Stories from an Experiential Educator
Cool new podcasts are everywhere. Seriously.

We recently connected with Adam Jones on Twitter, which led to our discovery of his stellar edu podcasts, ranging from discussions about standards based grading to dispatches from iPadpalooza Day.

We’ve still got lots of Adam’s stuff to listen to. In the meantime, we’re digging this episode with Craig Badura, an edtech integration coach. The pair covers social media, devices, tech playgrounds, and building relationships with students. Worth a listen.

Edu Road Trip

EduRoadTrip is a new find for us, but the concept is pretty cool. Greg Bagby, Justin Birckbichler, and Mari Venturino are on national road trip. And they’re taking you on the ride, learning from major landmarks and featured guests. (And lots of teaching tips along the way.)

We recommend giving episode 2 a listen. The gang heads to Niagara Falls and discusses how they got into teaching.

Instructional Tech Talk
If you aren’t following Jeff Herb on Twitter (@jeffherb), you should be. And if you haven’t been listening to instructional tech talk, you’ve been missing out.

Often co-hosted by Jon Samuelson (yes - of Techlandia fame), these episodes dive deeper into a given piece of technology, program, or classroom practice, often with step-by-step guidance on how to get started with a new tech idea in your school.


Take this recent episode on student tech support programs. We hear from people implementing student tech support programs, talk through the makeup of tech teams, and overview what it takes to make such a program work. Good stuff.

Cult of Pedagogy
If you peruse her website, you’ll see a photo simply labeled “Jennifer Gonzalez. Boss.” If you’ve listened to her stuff, you know that’s right.

I got into Jennifer’s work after listening to Dogfooding. A piece all about what happens when teachers do their own assignments. It’s a good gateway episode because you’ll get a real feel for what Jennifer cares about, what her podcasts sound like, and what other cool resources you can find on her website.

Bonud round: also consider listening to her piece on 7 Easy Ways to Support Student Writing in Any Content Area. Geared toward teachers of any subject, it’s rich with strategies for building better writers.

The Cult of Pedagogy podcast will be back in mid-August, so you have some time to catch up.

TechEducator Podcast
The TechEducator Podcast is a good match for instructors who always want to know about new tools or new uses for tools they might already have in place.

Case in point: this recent episode is all about using Google Maps and Google Earth creatively in the classroom. It’s a choice gateway episode.

Inspiration 4 Teachers
This is another #PodcastPD find for us. This interview-based series hosted by Kelly Long is a winner for folks who prefer story-based programs and interviews. We’ve selected a recent episode in which Kelly interviews Julia Skinner, founder of the 100 word challenge.

The pair gets to talking about classroom engagement, which is a favorite topic among the Chalkup team. You can take a listen below.

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