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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • May 6, 2016

Step One: Hack Instagram. Step Two: Profit


Facebook's Bug Bounty program awards users who find flaws in Facebook's infrastructure cash money, which includes finding flaws in good old Instagram.

That all worked out nicely for 10-year-old Jani, who recently figured out a way to delete text posted to the photo-sharing service. We smell a future rockstar programmer. You can read Jani's impressive story from Mashable below.

Other good stuff this week? With Malia Obama's decision to take a gap year after college, there have been a few nice articles about what a gap year is and how to make it successful. We picked a one from NPR Ed. We also sunk our teeth into Will Richardson's Modern Learning blog (finally!) and, of course, loved it. If you haven't clicked around yet, we posted his latest blog below. 

 It's been a crazy week. Let's wind down, read, and get ready for the weekend.

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