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The Public Health Angle of Student Stress

Chalkup Staff wrote this on Jun 10, 2016


We're getting right into it this week.

After writing our recent essay series on stress and time management, we've been keyed into conversations about creating positive, supportive environments for students. That's how we found today's story from The Washington Post, which posits that a public health approach to chronic student stress has potential. This piece focuses on the children in classrooms who are suffering from trauma - the ones who desparately need positive, supportive environments. Important story.

Beyond that, we've been reading stories from the Boston Globe about digital learning, as well as EdTech Magazine's article on where digital skills are truly built. Also another good Atlantic article on cognitive psychology that's worth your time.

An Unfinished Quest in Education | The Atlantic

Digital Skills Education Takes Place in Schools and at Home | EdTech Magazine

‘Toxic stress’ in the classroom: How a public health approach could help | The Washington Post

In more classrooms, books and lectures are being ditched | Boston Globe

Chasing China’s Edtech Unicorns: A Cautionary Tale | EdSurge

Tech companies need to raise the bar in education | Recode

Customized math lessons could help students learn more, research says | The Hechinger Report

5 Doubts About Data-Driven Schools | NPR Ed


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