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By Chalkup Staff • May 4, 2015

Just Wanted to Say Thank You

Happy 2015 Teacher Appreciation Week, all.

We’re so happy to be dedicating this week of content to the educators who get it done all year long. The ones who bring fresh ideas to their courses, introduce students to new ways of thinking, and fill their classrooms with energy and innovation.

We’re with you. We celebrate you. And we hope you’ll feel our thanks extend beyond this week and into the entire year.


We know that the internet is a big place. There's no shortage of edtech resources, and all are jockeying to be in your classroom.

The question, then, is which ones are the right fit for your courses? Kind of hard to know without a little trial and error. This is why freemium tools are huge for teachers. Instructors deserve to test edtech platforms in their classroom, trying on different features or new ways to integrate technology without incurring a cost or fearing for the privacy of their students.

It’s a process. And teachers should have amazing, trustworthy, free resources at their disposal as they build a system for their classroom.

Chalkup will always be free for teachers and students.

We get it. We know how it works. We want you to find something that fits your class needs, gets you (and your students) excited, and elevates your course to the next level.

This is just one modest way we show our appreciation for educators. And there's more to come. We’re excited for this happy week of stories, gratitude, and genuine celebration.

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