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A Teacher’s Guide to Social Media

Justin Chando wrote this on Sep 3, 2015


I’m sure we all get online for difference reasons, even when it comes to social. But as someone in the edu world, it’s a huge missed opportunity to have a Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or Pinterest account and not be using these tools to keep learning.

These platforms are goldmines of information about what’s happening in classrooms, new methods and technologies that can boost learning outcomes, and connections to other educators and companies that are changing the edu game.

We write a lot about social media at Chalkup, directing our users to our favorite tweeters and pages that reliably share thoughtful, comprehensive information for educators.

We collected these posts into a resource for any educator who wants to know where to start on social. This resource is for the teachers who’ve opened a Twitter account or started looking at pins on Pinterest, but don’t know where to go next for really good edu resources that will inspire.

We can help with that.

This e-book aims to help educators expand their personal learning networks, find trusted materials on social, and learn the ropes of the major social platforms that teachers are using to connect. We’ll go in depth on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and touch on several other avenues.

The social landscape is always evolving, so we look forward to updating this resource with new ideas, hashtags, handles, pages, and strategies for learning and growing on social.

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