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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • August 14, 2017

Teachers: What To Do the Night Before Going Back to School

It can be hard to sit still the night before the first day of school. This doesn’t change once you’re in the teacher’s seat. There’s a new energy - a combination of excitement and nerves - to keep us awake when we want to be winding down.

Can't sleep?

Channel your nerves with these activities - designed for the tech-loving teacher - the night before you head back to class.

Charge Up/Tech Check

Before tucking yourself in, do a device check. This means charging up your phone, iPad, laptop or any other devices you’ll be using in school tomorrow. It’s also a chance to power everything down and turn off screens before getting some rest.

If you were thinking of doing one last email check from the comfort of your bed, reconsider. The glow of your electronic devices paired with the stimulation of messages, articles, and media is just the sort of thing that will tell your brain that it’s time to stay alert.



That's right. Shut it all down. And walk away.

Do a final check away from your pillow and then ready yourself for sleep mode.

Journal it Out

Maybe there’s just too much in your head to power down. If so, grab a pen and paper or open up a Google Doc and capture all that excitement. A quick journaling session might be what you need to get all the noise out of your head.

Make the exercise meaningful by capturing your goals for the next year. If you have some major back-to-school jitters, this might also be an opportunity to write down what you fear the most about the school scene. Perhaps when typed out or put on paper it won’t look so scary.

At the very least, capturing your thoughts might help you wind down for the evening.

Pump Up Your Colleagues

We see you, excited teacher. And we love it. If you’re chomping at the bit to get back in action, harness some of that joy.

Send your colleagues an “I can’t wait for tomorrow” message. Could be a quick email or text. Maybe you’ll be using the Chalkup messaging system. Platform doesn’t matter. What matters is taking the time to end your day on a high note, sharing your excitement with other teachers who are also readying themselves for a new year.

Set Alarm

Are you calm, cool, and collected yet? Ready for sleep? If you foresee a restless night, double check that you have your alarm situation ready to roll.

We shared a few interesting alarm apps in our recent post on routine-building. You’ll also find some solid tips in there for transitioning out of your summer schedule.


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