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Chalkup Tip: Temporarily Disabling Messages

Chalkup Staff wrote this on Sep 18, 2015


Our one-to-one messaging feature is a popular way to allow students to connect outside of class. It's one of our favorite ways to encourage collaboration and engagement after the bell rings.

It's possible you might want to tweak your message settings and/or disable messaging during class time. Here’s the low-down on how you can regulate student messaging in your classroom.

As far as disabling messaging during class goes, click the name of your course and open the settings dropdown. Next, choose “Messaging Settings.”

Here, you'll choose a timeframe for turning off student-student messaging; the feature will remain off for up to three hours. When messaging is disabled, students will not be able to send or receive messages from other students. They will still be able to receive messages from their teacher.

Student messages are always archived in Chalkup and can never be deleted by a student. If there is an issue with student messaging, a verified administrator of your Chalkup Pro account may contact Chalkup services ( to request message access.

Happy chatting.

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