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Justin Chando By Justin Chando • June 25, 2014

The New Collaborative Classroom Experience

The learning experience needs to be dynamic and personalized. Chalkup was created to make for a more collaborative experience in the classroom - and to actually get students more involved in their learning. We've made some great updates today to make it even easier for classes to come together as a community of learners.


It's all about collaboration. 


Working together can be the key to a more successful class. We care deeply about helping students achieve their goals, and most importantly to give students a vehicle to get "un-stuck". Students on Chalkup have the ability to ask questions, share great content, and even post a paper to get peer-reviewed. There are so many opportunities for working together to solve real problems.





  • All-new design
  • Up-votes and comment replies
  • View the “Trending” Class Discussions
  • Create a Real-Time Class Poll
  • New Quote and Collaboration Discussions
  • Mark responses “Solved” by Instructors with badges in Question discussions.



Beautiful new assignments design.

Chalkup is the simplest way to create, share and discuss assignments, but now assignments have an all-new design. We made it easier to view, turn-in, and discuss. 




We also added lots of small improvements based on some great user feedback! 

  • You can now upload from Google Drive anywhere (comments, messaging, and discussions).
  • Increased file type support (.pages, .key, .numbers, .java, .c, .txt, .rtf, and many others)
  • Fixed bug with viewing certain PDF file previews.
  • Fixed a to-do’s date bug and added to-do descriptions.
  • Assignments in the Grading tab are now sorted chronologically.
  • Teachers can now set a "Display Name" to customize how your students view your name.
  • Fixed an occasional double-post of discussions and comments.
  • Notifications, commenting, and discussion posts are all shown in real-time without refreshing.

Check out the new features!