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The Education Podcasts That Should be in Your Headphones Right Now

Jayne Miller wrote this on May 11, 2015

We like podcasts.

These delicious, bite-sized stories are ideal for a trip to the gym or your daily commute. We made a list of the education podcasts we've been streaming here at Chalkup.

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Techlandia Radio
Created by Jon Samuelson, Techlandia hits on lots of different edu resources while remaining light, conversational, and fun.

We’ve been pumped that host Nicholas Provenzano recently dove into season 3 of his much-loved podcast about education and technology. One of the smartest and funniest hosts you’ll find, NerdyCast is a must-listen for tech savvy teachers.

The Future of Education
Steve Hargadon hosts a series of interviews with educators on - you guessed it - the future of education.

EDUtalk bills itself as one of the most “innovative, interactive professional learning resources in Scottish education.” Lots of chatter about tech in academics.

Ask a Teacher
Ask a Teacher is new. So new, that there are only two episodes. Created by Slate magazine, the first two episodes will have any educator hooked, bringing in teachers from different backgrounds and schools across the country to chat about what it means to be a teacher today.

TEDTalks Education
If you haven’t thought of streaming the stories shared onstage at TED conferences, know that it’s very much a possibility. (Just ask yourself if you’re comfortable shedding a tear in public if you’re going to listen to these moving, personal pieces while you’re out and about.)

EdSurge On Air
If you’re just looking to stay on top of what’s happening in the edtech world, look no further than EdSurge. This weekly podcast covers top news stories and are all around 15 minutes, so you can catch up quickly.



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