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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • April 15, 2015

The Essential Chrome Apps for Teachers With Chromebooks

Chromebook-using teachers have lots of options for getting the most out of their device. We’ve compiled a basic (but powerful) toolbox of apps we recommend, optimized for keeping you organized and connecting your class with awesome resources.

Drive Drive

Simple. Fast. Effective. If you’re using a Chromebook, you’re probably using Google Drive. It’s is a slick way to share resources and assign work to students; it’s also a resource for organizing/planning your courses. This is why it’s the first app in our toolbox.

Here’s more info on working Google Drive into your class workflow.

Search Google_Search

Our core toolbox is optimized for taking care of your most basic functions. So ensure you have the Google search app ready to roll.

(And maybe watch this fun search video.) 

Docs, Sheets, and Slides (Oh My) Docs

Same idea. Your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations are probably a big part of your workflow. These apps allow for quick access to what you’re working on and run offline, so you can create or edit from wherever you go.

Docs and sheets have been popular tools for a few years now; we’re glad to hear that more and more educators are turning to Slides for beautiful, impactful presentations. They're ideal for collaborating on slide decks or creating a presentation for your class.

Something for Videos + EduCanon educanon

It’s a good idea to have an app for video in your base toolbox. YouTube is still the biggest community for finding and sharing content. If not YouTube in your Chromebook toolbox, try Vimeo.

As far as editing goes, WeVideo is a solid free option that plays nice with Google Drive.

EduCanon takes video a step further by allowing teachers to connect videos to assignments and build collaborative, interactive experiences.

Maps Maps_logo

If you ever Googled how to get somewhere (anywhere), then you’ll appreciate having Maps in your app corps.

When it comes to powering your classroom, we’ve heard from educators who have used Maps for advanced geography, map-reading, and earth science assignments. Tons of potential for engaging, interactive student experiences.

EasyBib EasyBib

If you’re using (or grading) bibliographies, EasyBib is a helpful way to create and manage citations. EasyBib is also nice for connecting to related, credible sources for research.

Evernote Evernote

Taking notes? From list-making to collecting research or lesson plan ideas, Evernote is a nice workspace for keeping yourself organized and ready for the day.

Quizlet quizlet

We love Quizlet for many reasons. Chief among them is that you can study pretty much anything. For free. From anywhere. The app lets you take Quizlet's 50 million study sets with you wherever you go.

Chalkup Chalkup_Logo-2

We might be a little biased on this one, but the Chalkup app is one of the quickest ways to connect to our platform if you’re Chromebooking it. Assignments, messaging, your course calendar, and look ahead in a click. 

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