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The Handbook for Building Connected Schools

Justin Chando wrote this on Apr 14, 2015

At Chalkup, we think of your school as a buzzing community - an ecosystem of students, teachers, staff, administrators, and parents. To continue functioning in top form, and to truly be considered a community, we understand how important it is that your ecosystem stays connected.

A connected school is one that sparks collaboration across classes. Keeps parents in the loop. Gives teachers new tools for learning from one another. And ensures that everyone can be notified quickly and easily when plans change, may that be for a new organic chemistry exam date, a revised cafeteria menu for the week, or a school-wide message about upcoming IT upgrades. 

This shouldn’t sound like a utopia, this should sound like your school.

I wanted to create our latest resource because I believe there is an expectation that the information we need day-to-day -- and the connections we must make -- should be available electronically. I don’t know how true that’s been in education. In talking with schools about their communication needs, I was struck by how many institutions told me they were using multiple systems to connect different segments of the population. 

There has to be a smarter way.

Our new handbook was written exclusively for schools that want to tighten communication between all players. It was crafted for anyone who finds that keeping their community informed is cumbersome because their current tools are unreliable, outdated, or too clunky to use. 


We’re looking to take communication a step beyond just opening email accounts for everyone in your school; the tips contained within this resource can apply to learning management systems, messaging tools, or other communication portals you lean on to share information. We hope to these strategies will ultimately reduce the total number of accounts/platforms used for school-wide communication and streamline processes until everything a student, teacher, or staff member needs for their school life is incredibly easy to access and track.

We hope you enjoy this new resource. And let’s keep in touch.





Keep your school on the same page.

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