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Justin Chando By Justin Chando • August 7, 2017

The Teacher's Guide to Using Google Drive 2.0

Last year we released the Teacher’s Guide to Using Google Drive in the Classroom.

We covered the basics of Drive and how it can be leveraged in schools to connect with students and stay uber organized. 

But we also identified a problem: Google Drive wasn’t designed for education. While aspects of Drive are awesome in the classroom, there was a lot left to be desired for any teacher who wanted to craft an all-Google workflow for classroom functions. 


So we dove into the increasingly complex workarounds teachers have developed to assign, collect, and grade work using a Google workflow, as well as ways to improve solutions and make using Drive in the classroom even easier.

Since the release of the Teacher’s Guide, we’ve seen new products hit the market, the emergence of Google Classroom, and advancements in our own platform and integration with Google Drive. 

That’s why we’ve decided to update and release version 2.0.

While the development of Google Classroom has served as an answer to several shortcomings in the workflow for teachers and students - simplifying assignment and submission functions - we’re still interested in discussing what Classroom is missing and how we can fill those gaps.

For those who downloaded our original Teacher’s Guide: we hope you will find new, relevant information in this updated copy to how classrooms are using Google. 

For those who are new to this publication: we’re thrilled you found us. We hope we can be helpful. And we hope you’ll stay in touch with the Chalkup community by checking back for more resources and subscribing to our blog. There’s lots more good stuff where this came from.

So alright, Google lovers. Let’s do this. 

The Teacher's Guide to Using Google Drive 2.0