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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • September 29, 2015

Superstudents: How to Manage All Those Extracurriculars


Dear students: We know. Your school life is full.

Beyond algebra and civics homework you have lines to memorize for the school play, drills to run in preparation for basketball season, and plans to finalize for your community service club’s next event. You’ve got a lot on your plate.

The good news is that you can use the same tools you use to balance your schoolwork to keep tabs on all the stuff you do outside of the classroom.

Adding to Your Look Ahead

Check out your Look Ahead in Chalkup. This is your one-stop shop for assignments and to-dos; it’s where all your homework is tracked and you can measure how many hours of work you have ahead of you.

Add your own tasks by clicking the “New Task” button in the top right of your Look Ahead screen. You can add to-dos for any of your clubs or teams, estimating how long you think it will take to complete projects.

These tasks and hour estimations will be added to the assignments you’re already tracking in Chalkup.

Upon completion of a task, check it off your list and watch your hours of work drop. When you’re all done, you can look forward to a big ol’ checkmark and some much deserved free time.

Big Picture Planning

Your course calendar is located beneath your Look Ahead in your Overview navigation. This is the big picture of what’s happening and what’s on the horizon. It houses and color codes all assignments and those custom to-dos you created.

Consider creating a "planning to-do" scheduled for every evening before you go to sleep or every morning before you go to school. This task - which can take 10-15 minutes of your time - is meant to review your course calendar and walk through your day in your head.

You can think through anything special you need to prepare for the day - bringing a uniform for a sporting event or packing lunch for a field trip - and prioritize work for extra busy times.

If a planning session helps you stay on top of school, it’s possible the ritual will become so engrained in your day that you won’t need to schedule it anymore. See how it goes.

Procrastination Buster

Are you someone who procrastinates? If the answer is yes, turn on all your notifications. All of 'em. And give yourself ambitious deadlines for your custom tasks.

By pushing yourself to complete tasks earlier and ensuring that you’ll receive texts, emails, or push notifications along the way, you’ll help yourself to pass on procrastination.

Don’t Neglect Coursework

Your school life may cover a lot terrain outside of the classroom, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore tomorrow’s homework. Daily planning and time estimation will make it easier to ensure you have enough time for everything on your plate, but ignoring coursework isn't an option for balancing your school life. 


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