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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • February 20, 2015

How Students Can Manage Their Time With a Task Management System


Fun fact: students can do more with their Chalkup calendar than just see what’s ahead this week. Our to-do list feature gives them the ability to schedule extra-curricular activities and set custom reminders for assignments.

To Do List App

Your students are in the process of developing their own work style and time management skills. They’re also testing strategies for balancing classes and life. For many of them, a to-do list is going to be a critical piece of that puzzle.

Our goal was to create something that kept up with the modern student, allowing them to better track and organize competing demands on their time. When paired with Chalkup’s powerful class calendar you get a workflow for busy students. See what’s ahead. Schedule accordingly. Set reminders. Get it done.

New TaskTo create a custom to-do, find the “New Task” button on your Look Ahead page. From there, label and describe your activity and assign a date.

And great news - these features are also available through the Chalkup app, so notifications for assignments, exams, and activities can follow your super student throughout their day.


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