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Top 5 Time-Saving Features in Chalkup

Chalkup Staff wrote this on Sep 8, 2015


Busy day? These five Chalkup features will shave time off of assigning, grading, sharing, and submitting work.

Rubric Workflow

The digital assignment + rubric + submission workflow has historically required several platforms that may or may not play nicely together. You create an assignment and push it out with your LMS, take submissions out of that workflow and input them into a digital rubric program, and then dump everything back into your LMS (or maybe an entirely separate grading program.)

I’m tired just thinking about that. Are you tired? Yeah, let’s not do that.

We streamlined your grading process - submissions, grading, rubrics, and all - by putting everything into one place. Watch how it’s done below.


We won’t just save you time, we’ll keep you on task. Our notification settings are designed to reach you how you’re best reached. (That’s the way it should be.)

So use an email, text, or push notification to let you know when work is assigned or when there is a new comment on a discussion thread. Reply on the go or save for later. Case closed.

Sharing via Google Drive

Sharing resources - maybe this is a time suck for you, maybe not. But we knew the process could be slicker.

When you share materials with Chalkup, you can drag and drop or connect to your Google Drive with a click. (Fun fact: you can upload assignments or media from your Drive throughout the entire platform. Just another way to save you a few clicks.)

The Look Ahead + Course Calendar One-two Punch

How much time is spent asking yourself “what do I need to do today” and sorting out daily priorities? We can lend a hand here.

Our Look Ahead feature sorts your tasks based on what is due first. For students, this means letting them know to tackle the problem set due Tuesday before the reading due on Thursday. For instructors, you’ll be able to see what homework has been handed in, what’s on the horizon, and all your custom to-dos.

We’ll also add up about how many hours of work are ahead so you can plan your day. Not to mention our course calendar, which tracks the due date of all assignments and to-dos across the classes you have in Chalkup.

You get a look at what’s on your plate faster. Easy peasy.

Assignment Submission on the Chalkup App

For students who are ready to submit their homework, we’ve cut out the middleman as much as possible, allowing for an easy drag-and-drop or a quick upload from Google Drive.

We went one step further with our new mobile app, allowing for homework submission via a snapshot. Watch how it works below.


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