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By Chalkup Staff • December 21, 2016

Chalkup's Top 10 Edtech Blog Posts of 2016

End of Year Fireworks

2016. What an interesting year. 

We’ve combed through our 2016 blogs and found the 10 most-loved, most-read, and most-shared pieces.

Take a quick walk down memory lane with us as we bid 2016 farewell via these top edtech-approved posts.

1. 5 Inspirational Stories for Teachers to Read Today


Our top post this year was inspirational. To give everyone the bump they needed we shared 5 great stories all about real educators. Some days, you need to be reminded of all the amazing things teachers can do.

2. Six Virtual Reality Apps You Can Use With Google Cardboard

The hype around VR in education is real - and for good reason! Lots of Google Cardboard-compatible apps are cropping up, many of which make awesome classroom tools. Here are the ones we think are worth downloading and testing with your students

3. Google Search Tips to Share With Your Students

The good times with Google continue as we shared how you could be Googling smarter and so could your students. We uncovered some very specific tips that can help your students search smarter.


4. How Homework Circles Got More of My Students Engaging

This guest post from our friend Regan got some serious traction coming in at #4 on our list. See how this teacher shook things up in her classroom.

“Randomly, one day I had my students form groups of four. I instructed them to talk about mistakes and help each other without simply handing over their papers to their peer with the question. Homework circles were born.”

5. Meet the all-new Chalkup

That’s right, coming in at number 5 on our list is when we launched some big improvements to the Chalkup platform this past summer. We were pumped to share how we designed this big update to our app and share the news here with our users.

6. 25 Things to Say Instead of “Good Job” to a Student Who Has Worked Hard

It seems like saying “Good Job” is still a staple in grading feedback. There are so many other options for constructive, meaningful feedback that does more than offer a pat on the back.

7. 10 Things Any School IT Admin Will Understand

We started something new called “School Administrators Week” this year. In this post, we enjoyed poking some good fun at those pesky requests school IT staff always seem to get :)

8. How to Create Quizzes Using The New Google Forms And Share Them With Students

Google Forms

Google forms got a big teacher-friendly update with built-in quizzes, so we wrote an in-depth tutorial on how to create your own quiz and (most importantly) how to share them with students.

9. New E-book: You Got Google Apps. Now What?

Back in July, we wrote a popular e-book called “You Got Google Apps. Now What?”. Hopefully we uncovered the big opportunity for our readers to use these collaborative Google tools to their full potential.

10. 5 Ways To Develop Your Students’ Digital Literacy

We often talk about student digital literacy. Our friend Michael wrote a guest post that gave us tips for how teachers can support students in using online educational materials and how students can stay safe on the internet.

It was another great year on the Chalkup blog. We absolutely love sharing tips and resources with our community. If you’re not already subscribed to our blog you are missing out! You can do that, here. We’ve got some great content in store for 2017 and we hope you’ll join us.

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