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By Chalkup Staff • December 31, 2015

Top 10 Education Quotes From 2015


You might remember that last year we took time to reflect on the people who inspired us in the education world.

We decided to again take stock of the last year and select our favorite 10 quotes from educators, parents, advocates, policymakers, and friends. Below you'll find our top picks for 2015. Thanks to all who cared about learning, supported teachers, supported students, and pushed us all to do the same.

Shanna Peeples, 2015 National Teacher of the Year

“I want teachers to remember that they are artists of human potential. We never know where our teaching might take a student’s imagination.” (Source)



Josh Stumpenhorst, 2011-12 Illinois Teacher of the Year

“The silver bullet is you. Superman is sitting in our classrooms every day and walking our halls. No technology replaces you.” (Source)


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Brad Montague, Kid President Creator

“The thing that was exciting to me was the idea of a second-grade student or first-grade student here holding one of these devices and feeling empowered and feeling that somebody believed in them and that they could do anything.” (Source)


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Sakena Yacoobi, Executive Director of the Afghan Institute of Learning

“I knew that education changed my life. It transformed me. It gave me status. It gave me confidence. It gave me a career. It helped me to support my family, to bring my family to another country, to be safe.” (Source)


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Soledad O’Brien, Journalist

“I believe education today is the next civil right, which means you educators are at the forefront of a critical battle of who learns what, and how, and we have a great opportunity with technology.” (Source)


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Chris Ulmer, Florida Teacher, speaking to his students each morning

“You're very funny. You're very smart. You do a great job every day. You make everyone laugh because you're so silly." (Source)


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Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Laureate

“Dear world leaders, dear brothers and sisters. Education is not a privilege. Education is a right. Education is peace.” (Source)


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John B. King, Jr., Incoming U.S. Secretary of Education

“Teachers are the reason I am alive. They are the reason I became a teacher. They are the reason I am standing here today.” (Source)


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Kerry Gallagher, Digital Learning Specialist

“Tech integration should only enhance the teacher and student experience, deepen the passion. Passion comes first.” (Source)

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Kevin Honeycutt, Technology Integration Specialist

“How we see our students is directly responsible for how they see themselves.” (Source)


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