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Top 10 Reasons to Download Our New App

Jayne Miller wrote this on Jul 29, 2015

We released a new app for iOS last week. And we’re pretty proud/excited/giddy; we think this app could be a game-changer for keeping educators, students, and parents connected and on the same page.

If you’ve seen the hubbub but haven’t checked it out yet, here are 10 reasons it’s worth heading to the App Store and tapping “download.”

You'll Be Connecting Better Than Ever Before

One of the most beautiful aspects of having a robust mobile component to our powerful class collaboration platform: you can seriously stay connectected with your class.

This means discussions can keep rolling, students can ask questions, you can assign homework, and resources can be shared long after the bell has rung. 

We’re pumped that we were able to beef up our messaging capabilities with this latest release and make paperless and 24/7 learning initiatives that much more attainable.

Grading on the Go


Our users told us they wanted a greater set of grading tools on iPad. So that’s absolutely what we did. Enjoy the inline file previews, comments, and gradebook access.

Sweet, Sweet Organization

Our app is an organization-lover’s dream. We put our beloved lookahead with workload estimator on mobile, allowing you to stay on top of everything that’s on the horizon at school. You can also create custom to-dos and check off tasks as you go. Think we’ve outdone ourselves.

Easy Submission

True story. You can now submit your homework by taking a photo of it. (Selfie stick not included.)

Pushing You to be Better


And if you need a little reminder, our app is outfitted with all your choice notification settings to keep you from missing assignments, grading papers, or sitting in on key staff meetings. We’ll send you a push notifcation, you’ll stay on top of everything, and your classroom will be a happy one.

Tappable Rubrics

These are cool enough to get their own section. Tappable rubrics. For any assignment you would like to grade with a rubric, you can do that in our app. (It’s kind of fun. Tap. Tap. Grade.)

It’s Free

Oh yeah. Did we mention that this is 100% free to download? Because it is.

It’s Pretty

We upped our own design game this time around. It’s streamlined. It’s intuitive. It’s easy to use. And it’s gorgeous.

Your Colleagues Will Want to Know How You Do It

We think you’ll like having Chalkup in your classroom, and staying connected with our app will definitely leave your colleagues wondering how you stay so on top of everything (and stay so unphased/calm/cool/collected/amazing). Look forward to being the tech superstar in the faculty lounge with your new find.

We’re Truly Your Homebase

We’re working hard to ensure Chalkup can serve as your digital homebase for everything you want to do in your classroom. And we know a beautiful, full-featured app was what you needed next.

We hope you love it and we can keep collaborating (and making your classroom amazing).


Chalkup for iOS


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