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How to Create Quizzes Using The New Google Forms And Share Them With Students

The updated Google Form Quizzes bring auto-grading to your assessments. We'll show you how to create and share these quizzes with students using Chalkup.

GAFE has a new name, G Suite for Education

Google just dropped some news that they're changing the name of Google Apps for Education to now be "G Suite for Education". What does this mean for you?

How to Start Using G Suite for Education in the Classroom

It’s about time we wrote about getting started with Google Apps in the first place.

The Thing Google Gets Right About Education

Google Apps for Education work so well. We love the tools and so do our users. Here's why.

New E-book: You Got Google Apps. Now What?

If you get every classroom using Google Docs but fail to provide communication tools that facilitate meaningful usage of those Docs, you’re only halfway there.

Google Sheets Features and Formulas for Teachers: More You Didn’t Know Existed

New tips, tricks, features, and functions ideal for the Google Sheet-using educator.

30 Fourth Graders. A Bunch of Chromebooks. One Collaborative Learning Experience.

"My students love Chalkup and it has really made a difference in my classroom."

Six Virtual Reality Apps You Can Use With Google Cardboard

Virtual reality apps that will upgrade your Google Cardboard experience and take students around the world.

I Learned How to Use Google Voice Editing By Writing This Blog Post With It

I edited this blog post using the new Google Voice editing as much as possible. Here's what I found.

ICYMI - Here's the Lowdown on Those Recent Google Forms Updates

This fall Google Forms changed. And I'm into it.