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Steps to Building a Connected Digital School Community

Your teachers, students, parents, and staff in your school expect to be informed. Here are our strategies to create a place for your entire school to be connected.

Creating a Holistic View of Student Work

Do adults know how much work students actually have so they can impart meaningful time management strategies?

Four Edu Podcasts to Listen to This Week

Shout-outs to Hack Learning, the Edu Podcast Network, Truth for Teachers, and more!

New, Digital Essay Series on Student Stress and Time Management Now Available

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Four Productivity Apps for Busy Educators

Four productivity apps that we’ve been using our end that merit a blog shout-out.

5 Ways To Develop Your Students’ Digital Literacy

Michael Yarbrough shares fives things he always tells his students about staying safe and smart on the internet.

Digital Fear: What Digital Risks Should We Worry About the Most?

"I wish we could de-emphasize the fear factor and re-emphasize education and understanding."

Student Time Management Matters. Just Ask Your Overworked Student.

Let's get on the same page and challenge students without stretching them too thin.

Happy Global Collaboration Day!

Today is all about collaboration. Share your story with the hashtags #globaled15 or #GlobalCollaborationDay.

Chalkup’s EdTech Glossary

Search for language, definitions, and resources that define 21st century learning.