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Using Google Drive in Your Classes with Chalkup

Justin Chando wrote this on Feb 4, 2015

Love Google Drive? So do we. Here at Chalkup, we think that using Google in your classroom should be simple. With our latest product release, we’ve only improved this seamless integration. Check out this video with more details.


Share Google Drive files without worrying about file permissions


If you use Google Drive to write and store your documents, when it's time to share the file, you know it can be difficult to give everyone access. Rather than running a complicated script when you want to distribute an assignment template to your students, you can simply select a file from your Google Drive account and share it through Chalkup. Your students can save a copy to their own Drive with a click.



Grade Google Drive files with annotations and rubrics.


Grading a Google Drive file without Chalkup requires a lot of extra steps. We made it easier by streamlining all of your grades in your class gradebook. Connect your assignments to custom-made rubrics and you have one powerful workflow.



It’s still simple to create assignments

Sign into Chalkup using your Google Account and select “New Assignment.” Just like that, all your Google Drive files are accessible and ready to attach to your next project. Your students will have what they need to get to work. It’s that easy.

Students are Busy - Chalkup + Google Drive helps keep things organized


We’re all about keeping classes connected and on the same page. No better way to do that than through harnessing the power of Google Drive. Students get easy access to the Google Drive files attached to each assignment. They can access it anywhere and when they’re ready to submit, they’ll able to turn in the same Google Drive file in a snap.

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  The Teacher's Guide to using Google Drive in the Classroom.

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