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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • December 8, 2015

Sharing the EdTech Love: Chalkup + Padlet



You know that we’re all about collaboration. It’s a huge part of our platform. So we’ve got to share our excitement when we find other edtech tools that are also engineered to keep classrooms in touch and working together.

We recently discovered Padlet and really enjoyed what we found. (We especially liked how nicely it could be folded into the Chalkup workflow.)

Quick overview: Padlet is a collaborative, virtual wall on which users share ideas and content. Its uses span beyond the classroom, but as far as teachers and students go, it’s a really slick way to drag and drop files and talk about them in a fun, shared space. (That completely sounds like something we’d be into, does it not?)

What we really dig is that every “wall” created in Padlet comes with an embed code that can be used in Chalkup. What a cool way to share and organize collaborative spaces by class or discussion topic.

Here’s what it looks like in Chalkup. (And here's a link to persuse this example within Padlet.)


To add a Padlet wall to your Chalkup discussion, just grab the embed code housed under your “Share/Export” settings in Padlet.

Screen_Shot_2015-12-08_at_10.05.27_AM.png Pro tip: just copy/paste the <iframe> portion of the code into Chalkup.
Stop when you get to <div>.

Now you’ve got a wall to share lots of content and media while leveraging Chalkup’s nested comments, upvotes, and notifications underneath. Collaboration squared.

We’re always excited and appreciative when folks put new, amazing tools on our radar - particularly ones that are beautiful little compliments to the Chalkup platform. We’d love for you to keep tweeting us your finds to @Chalkupedu so we can continue sharing the edtech love.


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