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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • March 4, 2016

Happy Meals in Sweden Will Soon Come With Happy Goggles, a Virtual Reality Toy for Little Learners


When I was a child, Happy Meals contained tiny plastic cartoon characters or miniature Barbie dolls that were eventually lost in couch cushions or under car seats.

But for children today (ahem, okay, children today in Sweden) the prizes are a wee bit cooler. McDonald's Happy Meals will soon feature a foldable box that can be used as virtual reality goggles with a smartphone. CNN Money has the full story below.

All Happy Meals aside, as we perused edtech picks for this week, we found lots and lots of pieces on student coding. Of note is the NPR Ed story that asks if coding should be taught as a foreign language. The Atlantic also has a thoughtful student coding piece on historically marginalized groups, asking if emphasis on Java and JavaScript will put some students on the "bottom rung of the tech workforce."

As always, a stellar blended learning piece from the Hechinger Report is below. Also more stories on digital inequality and increasing access to edtech. Get clicking.

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