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Justin Chando By Justin Chando • May 24, 2016

The Top 5 Reasons LMS Implementations Fail


This blog post is an excerpt from our latest e-book
Rewriting the Procurement Playbook: Selecting the LMS That is Right for Your School
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I want to see us change the paradigm of technology procurement in schools. I want us to re-think the playbook, shift our expectations, and put students first. There are forward-thinking schools across the nation that are already doing this. Let’s take a cue from them when we sit down to talk about matching an LMS with a school.

Below is a list of procurement behaviors I know we can bust. I see these as the top five reasons LMS implementations fail

No clear institutional vision for how and why it will be used.

  • You’re getting technology for the sake of doing so.

  • You haven’t thought about how edtech fits into a larger vision of learning.

  • There’s no big picture for tech. You’re getting it because you feel like you must.

Unreasonable expectations.

  • You’re expecting technology to provide a quick fix/solve problems.

  • You expect that everyone will definitely start using whatever platform you select.

  • You haven’t considered the student perspective.

Too complicated.

  • You’ve created a matrix of features and you’re looking for a platform that has ‘em all.

Implementing a tool that doesn’t match instructional culture.

  • This is what happens when you let a vocal user dictate what platform the whole school will use. Don’t do it!

  • Talk about where you want to go with edtech, not a list of features. Please!

Underestimating total cost of ownership.

  • What are you actually paying for? Set-up fees? Licenses? Annual renewal fees?

  • You’re not thinking about adoption rate.

The behaviors listed above aren’t going to help you fulfill your mission and vision for learning. Keeping your process mission-driven, student-centered, and focused on the future is what will allow you to do that.

As you begin (or continue) your own procurement process, naturally, we’d love to be part of the conversation. But more important than that, I hope you’ll be able to use some of these ideas to identify platforms that connect your school in new and exciting ways, moving you one step closer to your institutional goals.

The whole e-book is available for download now.

Rewriting the Procurement Playbook: