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Crafting a Stronger Digital Strategy for Your School

Jayne Miller wrote this on Mar 5, 2015

There are real challenges to implementing a digital system schoolwide. Ensuring that students and teachers have access to devices, for starters. Training time to get everyone up and running is another consideration.

None of these challenges are insurmountable if you plan for them. This is why we encourage institutions to undergo a digital assessment at the beginning of a paperless transition.

Go Paperless with a Digital Assessment

Below is what we cover when we sync up with a school to perform a digital assessment.

The State of Affairs

We go over school size, current paper usage, and any digital platforms currently in place before moving a digital assessment forward. These core questions tell us just how paperless an institution is at first swipe. Similarly, we also talk through current technology policies/plans in place.

Where Does it Hurt?

Of course we want to know pain points. It’s often paper usage. Sometimes it’s that a current paperless system isn’t serving the needs of teachers and students. Or that a current system takes too long to master, so people don’t use it. This question will be the beginning of your must-have list: the features you’ll seek out in a paperless provider and ask for by name.

This is a good time to map out aspects of your workflow that are successful. For example, if your teachers love using Google Drive for file saving and sharing, see if there’s a way to proceed without disrupting that practice.

Needs and Challenges

A digital assessment should build to the creation of a list that covers what you most value in a digital platform. These attributes will be unique to your institution. At Chalkup, we’ve talked with schools about budget, student engagement features, grading tools, Google Drive integration, privacy policies, etc.

And we always want to know why an institution doesn’t have these features already, if that’s the case. Is there something in the way? Policy? Cost? Knowledge?

During an assessment, we don’t necessarily look to correct every challenge identified, we aim to become aware of them all.


Timeline creation is about more than identifying how fast you want to have a new paperless platform integrated. It’s also about acknowledging the challenges identified and thinking through how long it will take to develop solutions and forge ahead. 

Ready for your digital assessment? Let's go.

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