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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • May 27, 2016

What is Grit? Is It the Secret to Success? Can You Teach It?


So apparently everyone is writing about grit this week.

Find not one, not two, but three pieces below that dive into all things grit. How does it play a role in student success? How do we teach students to be gritty? Is this skillset all it's made out to be? Grit grit grit.

Also in our weekly edtech roundup is an article by PBS Newshour on filling the "coding gap," as well as a post from Mindshift on supporting and motivating students with chronic stress.

Good reads + long weekend = yes.

Is ‘grit’ overrated in explaining student success? Harvard researchers have a new theory. | The Washington Post

Why Grit Can’t Be Taught Like Math | EdSurge

MacArthur 'Genius' Angela Duckworth Responds To A New Critique Of Grit | NPR Ed

Study: Less Than Half US Students Ready To Fill High-Tech Jobs | TeachThought

The nation’s largest school districts are rushing to fill the coding gap | PBS Newshour

When Schools Help Students Transcend Chronic Stress to Tap Motivation | MindShift 

The STEM Spiral: How We Can Turn College Admissions Into a Positive Force | Huffington Post Education

One-to-One Computing Drives Growth in the Education Technology Market | EdTech Magazine

30 Fourth Graders. A Bunch of Chromebooks. One Collaborative Learning Experience. | Chalkup

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