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What You Can Expect from Chalkup in 2016

Justin Chando wrote this on Jan 13, 2016

jc-1.jpgHello Chalkup users, friends, and readers.

We’re back after the holiday break and my schedule has been dominated by exciting, forward-looking things all week. Our team has been debriefing on a stellar 2015 and making plans for the year ahead.

In short, we had a really good first week back. I'm sincerely excited about what we’ve got on the agenda for 2016, and I wanted to share some of the good stuff with you.

The Platform

In the short term, we have key product upgrades scheduled, including a new Android app and Clever integration, which is in high demand. We’ve promised these two things to our users in 2015 and we haven’t forgotten.

We’re taking additional steps to make these roll-outs stellar. They’re coming and they’re looking good. Expect some news on these items soon.

You also might have noticed our new assignment repost feature we recently released.


This is the first in a series of small-but-mighty product upgrades that increase the flexibility and functionality of Chalkup tools that are already widely-used and much-loved. We’re not going to change anything our users like and use a lot, but we are going to give them more options and control in how they use those features. We plan on making many of our core tools even better.

Next up will be increased options for what can be placed in our materials library. Users will soon be able to upload links, video, and other media as resources in this space.

We have a number of other large and small-scale products underway that we're really excited about. You can expect more focused, thoughtful upgrades throughout the year. This is just the beginning, my friends.

(As always we love hearing your feedback; it's everything to us. Seriously.)

The People

Last year we visited a bunch of Chalkup-using schools to meet the people using our platform every day. We also got our feet wet in the conference world, forging new connections with edtechies across the country.

More of the same in 2016.

We’ll be hitting the road as early as next month’s National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference to spend more time with the people using our product and less time within the confines of the Chalkup team. (Forgive me, team. I think you’re all great. It’s not what it sounds like.)

We’re already planning to attend ATLIS in Atlanta and ISTE in Denver. We’re working on a few additional opportunities and are aiming to visit more Chalkup-using schools to learn from your experiences and ideas.

In that same vein: more exciting news. This year, Chalkup will be working with a teacher advisory board.

We’re assembling a small team of instructors who use our platform in their classrooms and are familiar with our content, learning philosophy, and goals. These educators will be providing us with even more feedback on where we should be focusing our energies. They’ll be sounding boards, content creators, learning disruptors, and guideposts for us in every way, and I think you’ll be able to see their impact in all that we do.

I could go on about the additional team members we’re bringing on in 2016 or the new resources and content planned. I could ramble on about mobile adjustments and the additional tiers of service we’ll be rolling out later this year.

Instead, I’ll leave you a few surprises for later down the road and say that this year is going to be good. There’s no shortage of exciting things on the horizon for our company, and we think our users (and readers) will like what they see.

As always, we remain committed to keeping classes connected and engaged, anywhere and everywhere.

Thanks. Stay tuned.
Justin, CEO

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