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Obama Attends Last White House Science Fair, Aims for 1 Million More STEM Grads by 2022

Jayne Miller wrote this on Apr 15, 2016


On Wednesday President Obama attended his sixth and final White House Science Fair as president. The Washington Post has the full scoop below, including details on the administration's 2012 goal of boosting STEM graduates by 1 million before 2022.

The kids at this year's science fair didn't disappoint. The State Dining Room was full of 3D printers, innovative testing devices for dangerous diseases, one rad vacuum for subway tracks, and many future engineers. 

Other edtech reads below include a deep dive from EdSurge into tangible things educators can do to create equal learning opportunities for students. I appreciated EdSurge's pragmatic look at the digital access problem. Here's a quick soundbite:

In every classroom, there must always be a strategic response to the question "How does the use of technology contribute to the learning taking place in this lesson?" When creating a lesson with technology as an integral piece, be able to explain why that technology is an integral piece and—more importantly—how you are going to accommodate for students without home access.

That and more below. You know what to do.

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